About Me - Steve Mitchell Photography

I was born and raised on Long Island and have lived here my entire life, so Long Island and nearby New York City are prominent features in my photography. I first developed an interest in photography back in high school and college, learning how to shoot and develop black and white film in our home basement darkroom. I am an architect by profession but always had a great interest in photography. I received my first 35mm camera as a high school graduation gift, a Pentax K-1000. After college my interest in photography waned and I tired of dragging a big camera on vacation. I moved to small film cameras, then digital, for ease of use and was never satisfied in the results they produced. I purchased my first DSLR in 2009 wanting to capture my kids playing sports. I started shooting landscapes in 2014 and cityscapes shortly thereafter. I upgraded my camera in 2015 and my primary interest lies in landscapes, city architecture, night, long exposure and astrophotography. I take my camera on vacations so to capture images of the places I travel to. I continue to learn about photography each day and strive to make the next shot better than the last. This website represents the best of my work and I hope you enjoy viewing it. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or requests. Thanks and happy shooting.

Steve Mitchell

Sunrise Morning 2
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